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Community Connections is a unique non-profit, human service organization. Our services cover the life span of individuals and are designed to assist with developing independence, learning new skills and living in the community of one’s choice. We serve individuals with developmental disabilities, adults with physical disabilities, elders, very young children who are developmentally delayed or at risk, and children with behavioral health needs.

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Halloween Competition 2017

“Chocolate for you, chocolate for you,” says Willy Wonka as the judges pass through colorful streamers and enter a hallway filled with huge paper candies and flowers. “Welcome to the Chocolate Factory, where the strawberries taste like strawberries, and the snozzberries taste like snozzberries.”

The judges, Bett, Rita, and Roxanne, are board members of Community Connections. Staff members divided into teams this Halloween for a competition – who could create the best theme, including costumes, decorations, treats, and entertainment for the judges.

“I got a golden ticket!” exclaims one of the judges.

They arrived Halloween morning for their journey into several fantasy lands, starting with the Land of the Golden Ticket, created by the Senior and Disability Services team. Team members were dressed as Willy Wonka, Charlie Bucket, and other characters from the iconic movie.

The Chocolate factory team, from the Senior and Disability Services department

“Come visit our Fizzy Room!” Lela, as Violet, ushered the judges into a blue-lighted room filled with bubbles.

Downstairs in the Children’s Mental Health department, the judges waded through yellow and red balloons, exclaiming at the emojis pinned up on walls and dangling from the ceiling.

Judges Bett and Roxanne exclaim over the emoji decorations

Program director Bill Swift narrowed his eyes as they approached – he was an angry emoji, dressed as a pirate.

After making a few notes on their clipboards, the team of judges visited the Early Learning Program, with staff members dressed in track suits and black paper taped on the walls to simulate a running track.

One last stop at the front desk, where the admin team had created Troll Town, based on the recent animated movie Trolls. One staff member, dressed as Branch, gathered everyone in a circle and told the great story of Trollstice.

The Troll Town team from the Admin department

Board member Bett laughed at the colorful and rather ridiculous costumes the team had come up with. “They’re supposed to be invisible in the community, but if you could see them, you’d be amazed,” she said.

Part of Community Connections’ mission is to be invisible with regards to the services they provide in the community, but they are certainly not invisible when it comes to celebrating Halloween in style.

A Trollstice feast, with heaps of rainbow-colored sweets, was available for any hungry trolls passing by. Staff even made troll-hair headbands for any kids visiting the office.

The judges gathered everyone in front of the Trollstice feast table for the trophy ceremony. Rita began to speak.

“We want everyone to get a trophy, but that will not be possible. Our winner is… Willy Wonka!” She bestowed the trophy on Shawn, newly appointed program director of Senior and Disability Services. The team cheered and raised the trophy above their heads – they now have bragging rights for the coming year.

The SDS team holds the trophy and smiles

Our services are comprehensive, responsive to family-identified needs, respectful of individual family values, and are culturally sensitive. Referrals can be made by anyone.

Early Learning Program
Services for families of children aged birth to three years with developmental delays or who are “at risk” of developing delays. Services are designed to assist families in supporting their child’s development. Individualized services may include; speech, physical and occupational therapy, specialized instruction and service coordination.
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Children’s Mental Health
Comprehensive mental health services for children and their families. These services provide a broad range of inter-ventions and supports to children and families in the home and community. Available services include; psychological assessments, individual, family or group counseling and intensive experiential skill building in group, individual and family settings.
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Senior and Disability Services
Services for individuals with developmental disabilities and seniors who require assistance to remain in their community of choice and with achieving their life goals. Through partnerships with the individuals and families served, a customized plan for services is developed that is aimed at supporting each individual’s ability to live, work and learn to their fullest potential. Services are provided wherever the person chooses to reside, socialize, recreate, or work. Services include; respite care, chore services, consumer directed personal care, transportation, care coordination, supported employment, supported living and day habilitation.
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