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And The Winner Is…

June 5th, 2018|Categories: News|Tags: , , , |

We celebrated our staff last Friday at an all-day appreciation party! Staff and clients came in to grab breakfast and lunch, and vote in the dessert contest (which will hopefully become an annual thing!)

Several delicious delectable delightful desserts jostled for the top prize of People’s Choice. Over 40 people voted for their favorite dessert. Coming in 2nd was Jay, who you see working at our front desk everyday. He created masterpiece “Strawberry Fields Forever.” Coming in 1st was JJ, who you may see working with kiddos in the office or in the community. He created the crowd favorite “Vanilla Macarons with Orange Butter Cream Filling.”

Thank you to everyone who participated in baking and in voting. (And in tasting…)

^ Bess grabs a donut before they all disappear.

^ JJ knows the other desserts can’t compete with his, but he tries them anyways.

^ In front we’ve got “Strawberry Fields Forever” and behind that, it’s those Vanilla Macarons.

^ Jan and Maxwell feast on ham and other goodies.

^ Tia and Lexi made sure we ate *some* healthy things.