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father daughterThe Early Learning Program offers a variety of classes listed below to help support families and caregivers. Please check the Community Connections calendar and list of events to see when and where the next series of classes will be held.

Positive Solutions for Families

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPositive Solutions for Families is a six week class offered in Ketchikan for parents, foster parents, and other primary care providers with children under 5 years old. The class focuses on ways to build a healthy relationship with your child through every day interactions in order to lay a foundation for lifelong success. We discuss how to prevent challenging behaviors through “catching kids being good” and telling children what “to do”. We share powerful strategies for purposefully teaching children friendship skills and how to handle strong emotions. We also look at behavior as communication and explore ways behavior “works” for children and how we can use this as a guide to teaching our children new skills. This class is effective because it includes opportunities for parents to put these strategies into practice, reflect on their child’s progress, and includes a follow up component. It’s a great class that’s informative, empowering, interactive and fun. Parents complete the class feeling more confident and knowing they have a healthy, natural support network within their own community.

Infant Massage

The Early Learning Program offers an infant massage class for parents, foster parents, and primary care providers with infants under one year old. This is a “hands-on” training; parents should plan to bring their baby to each session.   Infant massage has powerful benefits for both parent and infant. Massage supports early infant-parent attachment and co-regulation. We practice a series of strokes that both awaken and calm every system of a baby’s body to support healthy muscle tone and reduce colic. Massage stimulates the release of hormones such as oxytocin (the cuddle hormone) in both parent and child, prolactin which promotes milk production, and other endorphins. Through massage, parents are empowered; they learn how to respect baby’s needs and wants, understand why baby cries, read and respond to baby’s body language. This course is taught by Certified Educators of Infant Massage.

Learn to massage your baby in a relaxed atmosphere where you and your baby can enjoy such benefits as:

  • Improve baby’s sleep patterns
  • Relieve baby’s gas and colic
  • Increase baby’s weight gain
  • Assist with recovery from postnatal depression
  • Support the bonding process
  • Enhance baby’s motor development

Parenting with Love and Logic

Are you interested in having pleasant shopping experiences with your toddler? Would you be interested in learning how to get your children to do chores without arguing? Would you like your teenagers to be safe when they are not with you? This is all possible with positive parenting skills and great skills take practice. Parenting with Love and Logic is all about taking good care of yourself as a parent and allowing your children to take responsibility for their actions. It is about raising responsible and caring human beings. Parenting with Love and Logic is for children of all ages.

The Love and Logic parent training program is offered through Community Connections for parents (including grandparents and foster-parents) who are interested in having fun in raising respectful and responsible children. This class (6 sessions total) will provide a vast amount of practical information that can be used immediately. You will leave each class feeling more confident as a parent with an inventory of skills of how to handle frustrating situations with your children. These skills work with children of all ages from babies through the teen years. Stop the arguing and the whining and feel more energy for the fun things in life. To get more information and/or register for the next course please call Community Connections in Craig at 826-3891. You can also find more information about Love and Logic at