Parent comforting child

Parental supports

How we work with and support parents during trying, crying times.

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Happy family of four.

Five ways to strengthen a family

The Strengthening Families approach (based on research for family resiliency) has recognized 5 protective factors in supporting families. These 5 factors are listed below. When a family is in need, use the protective factors for ways to support a path to success.

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Amy Guinn

Stellar Staff – Amy

A rock star who loves providing support.

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Bess Clark presents Alonso Escalante with the ceremonial Boot.

Thank you, Alonso!

When one of our board members says goodbye, we like to thank them for their service with our own special tradition: giving them The Boot! …

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Tony Newell

Stellar Staff – Tony

Tony helps ensure our technology runs smoothly and stays up-to-date.

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Child and father smiling

Kindness Counts

Discover numerous ways to show kindness to your child.

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