Silhouette of person stretching

How Physical Therapy and Mental Health Intertwine

If we are to truly support and facilitate healing, we must also acknowledge that each system of the body is meant to interact symbiotically and in harmony with all of the other parts.

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Baby drinking from a small cup

Bottoms up! What’s in a cup?

Here’s what to use – instead of a sippy cup.

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Hands holding top of cane

Veteran Care: SAIL v. Community Connections

Confused about your options for in-home care?

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Danielle smiling with various people

Stellar Staff – Danielle

It was “inevitable” that she would end up working here.

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Face of child sleeping

Sleep Hygiene for Our Children

With all the screen time and internet use out there, this seems to be one of our most difficult needs that isn’t getting met.

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Jan on her motorcycle and with friends and family

Stellar Staff – Jan L

I still love coming to work every day – never know what’s going to come up!

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