Our Mission

Providing individualized, customer guided supports that encourage independence, community belonging and quality of life.

Our Core Values

We believe that there is strength in diversity and we value those natural individual differences such as culture, religion, personality, and disability that both challenge us and make each of us unique. Our services focus on bringing out the best in each person, and respecting the unique talents, interests, and values of both staff and the individuals we serve. We build on people’s strengths.

We are committed to excellence and continuous improvement and will strive to use best practice in our management, and all of the services we provide. If we try something and it doesn’t work we are willing to try another way.

We seek to maximize community participation of the people we serve. This means that through thoughtful planning, services are provided in the most natural and inclusive ways possible. Our services will be invisible to other community members and encourage independence.

We value professional integrity and respect and these values provide a foundation for how we treat our staff, peers, and the individuals we serve. This means assuming positive intent, practicing direct and supportive communication, maintaining confidentiality and honesty, and working toward mutual understanding.

We believe in the importance of collaboration and shared leadership and work to develop positive relationships and partnerships with the individuals we serve, other organizations, their staff, and with each other. Leadership is encouraged at all levels, most importantly in the families and individuals we serve.

The mission statement represents Community Connections’ core purpose, highest priorities, and the fundamental force that drives our actions. As employees of Community Connections, we model the core values as we perform every aspect of our work.