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Holiday Sock Drive

Give back to your community this holiday season! We’re accepting donations of new socks and outerwear for our 2018 Holiday Sock Drive. That includes gloves, coats, mittens, scarves, hats… anything warm!

We make deliveries to folks who may not have much family to visit them during the holidays. Sometimes one of our visits makes all the difference.

Three years ago there was a young man living in Ketchikan. He enjoyed hunting on nearby islands, including Prince of Wales, and even got an award for getting the largest mountain goat in his age group.

Then one day, he was involved in a car accident. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and was transferred to a hospital in Colorado. When he was released, he was referred to Community Connections. After a while, staff determined that he might receive better care if he was part of an inpatient rehabilitation program. Alaska does not have any of those programs, so the young man was transferred to a program in the lower 48.

The new rehab program did not work out. He was released again, but by that time, the hospital had lost most of his belongings. He returned to Ketchikan.

This happened again: getting sent down south, it not working out, and the young man returning to Ketchikan, most of his belongings lost in the transition.

He now has an apartment and is making progress in his rehabilitation. He can’t go out hunting right now, but is glad to be back home in Alaska. However, he is still in need of clothes and other basic necessities. Through the sock drive we will be able to replace some of his belongings, including socks and outerwear that are crucial during the Southeast Alaska winter.

Last year, Community Connections in Ketchikan and Prince of Wales were able to donate over 750 socks, along with numerous jackets, scarves, and hats.

Each donation goes to a disadvantaged individual in the community. With your support we hope to do even better this year and provide a comfortable holiday to everyone in the Ketchikan and Prince of Wales area!

Look for donation baskets at local businesses. Thank you SO MUCH for your support!

  • MyPlace
  • Silly Munchkins
  • Coastal Real Estate Group
  • First Bank (Dock St & Totem Branch)
  • Cape Fox
  • The Landing
  • Simply Bella
  • Madison True Value
  • Alaska Gifts
  • Black Bear Store
  • Shaub Ellison
  • Smoke Shop
  • The Port
  • Papa’s Pizza
  • Naukati Connections