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Thirty years ago, Community Connections was founded with a vision that people who needed supports could receive them in their own home community. Over the years we have achieved tremendous growth in the quality and accessibility of our services. We currently serve nearly 700 people each year. As relationships and connections have grown, our philosophy and values have remained unchanged. The individuals we serve are at the center of everything we do.

We humbly request that if you or someone close to you has been a recipient of Community Connections services, if your life has been touched and made better by what we do, then take the opportunity to contribute to a most meaningful cause, and forever mark your support of our commitment to the communities we serve.

Our Children’s Mental Health (CMH) provides one of the many services we offer that strengthen our community. The program provides youth requiring behavioral interventions an opportunity to participate in a therapeutic wilderness expedition including camping, hiking, canoeing and fishing. While visiting the program a few summers ago, a clinical director of CMH experienced first-hand the healing power of nature. A young man was considering dropping out mid-way through the expedition and the director was hoping to help change his mind. They were out in a kayak near a bed of kelp to reflect upon this. As the clinical director talked with the young man a whale breached each time he said something poignant. “You really have a lot of strength.” The whale appeared. “You are going to influence others whether it’s positive or negative.” The whale popped up again, almost as in agreement with the clinical director. This continued for another 20 minutes and both the young man and the clinical director felt an immense sense of peace within themselves. The young man decided to continue and became a positive leader for the rest of the group.

Experiences like these are what make this program so unique and powerful for the participants. They are given the opportunity to learn important individual reflection, team building skills, primitive skills, and survival techniques to capitalize on the tremendous personal growth that the wilderness shares with us

Community Connections invites you to make a difference in the lives of your neighbors, friends, and fellow community members in southern Southeast Alaska. Support you give to Community Connections helps to fill in the gaps and meet needs that otherwise would go unmet as we provide individualized supports to the people of southern Southeast Alaska. Last year, the dollars raised by Community Connections through Pick.Click.Give. went to a support projects focused on children in our community. Thank you to all of you who helped make Pick.Click.Give. a success.

Thank you to those who have donated so far. Please remember us in your estate planning.


You can donate directly from your Permanent Fund dividend with the Pick, Click, Give program. Please visit the Pick.Click.Give. Site for more information.


Do you buy a lot of stuff on Amazon these days? Did you know that you can tell Amazon to donate to a charity of your choice, every time you purchase something? At no extra cost to you! Don’t delay- go to and search for “Community Connections Ketchikan.” Select us as your organization, and every time you use Amazon, they’ll donate part of the purchase price to us. Note: you have to be on for this to work, not the regular Amazon website. To make it easier, just bookmark “” in your browser so you don’t have to remember each time. Your support is much appreciated!!

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If you do not wish to donate online, please fill out the form below and return it to any of our offices.

We would like to extend a big “THANK YOU” to the following southeast businesses and individuals for their gifts in support of our mission.

2016 Donors

$ 1,000+
Alaska Children’s Trust
Alaska Mental Health Trust
Employee Benefit Design Inc.
Great Alaska Lumberjack Show
Prince of Wales Health Network
Ralph & Edith Mackie
Rasmuson Foundation
Silly Munchkins
The Standard

$ 200+
Alaska Commercial Company
Craig Elementary School
KAT’s Corner
Ketchikan Volunteer Fire Fighters
Linda Nelson
Madison Lumber & Hardware
Northshore Gardens

Up to $200
AK49 Firearms
Coastal Real Estate
Jesse Yarbrough
Julie’s Fine Jewelry & Gifts
Mary Wojytna
Milbia Fuller
Simply Bella
Southeast Exposure
Sue Brown
Tongass Engineering

2015 Donors

$ 1,000+
Cecilia “Sis” Coenen

$ 200+
Allen Marine tours
Bett & James Jakubek
Christopher Dowling
Clarence & Bess Clark
Erin Reeve
Fraternal Order of the Alaska State Troopers
Ian Clark
Julie Dowling
Kara Lunde
Liquid Stone Designs LLC
Scanlon Gallery
Thomas & Mary Schulz

Up to $200
Abigail Blackshire
AK49 Firearms
Alex Pihl
Alonso Escalante

Bar Harbor Restaurant
Best Western Landing
Bonnie Hamar
Brandy Schmitz-Prefontaine
Brett Blastingame
David & Maria Garcia
David Melton
Day Spa
Donna’s Sunchasers
Fat Stan’s
Glen Fazakerley
Godfather’s Pizza
Greg Kalbaugh
Groomingdale’s Pet Resort
Heavenly Creations
His & Hairz
Jeanne Sande
Joanna DeSanto
Jonathan Williams
Ketchikan Mechanical
Ketchikan Volunteer Fire Fighters
Knudson Cove Marina
Madison Lumber & Hardware

Mary Kowalczyk
Mayjesstik Blair-Isaacs
Newtown Liquor Store
Parnassus Books & Gifts
Paul Crowl
Rita Menzies
Scot Menzies
Sherry Potter
Silly Munchkins
Simply Bella
Soho Coho
Starboard Frame & Gifts
Sue Bethel
Suzanne Williams
The Fox Hole
The Point
Tongass Business Center
Tongass Engineering
Tyler Rental
Virginia Roginski