Maximizing Community Participation

One of Community Connections’ core values is to maximize community participation for the customers served. Community Based Services are designed to assist the customer in accessing the community and to do just that – maximize participation and inclusion in the customer’s community of choice. Our community based services are provided one-to-one. This allows the customer choice and flexibility to be a part of whatever activities interest them, with the amount of support necessary for full participation. Sometimes services end up being delivered in a more congregate setting, such as an art club or cooking class. However, one on one supports remain available to allow each customer full participation and to maintain individual choice.
Tug of War

How We Can Help

Community-based services, like in-home or on the job supports, are also designed to assist the customer in gaining independence. This is done by the service team which consists of the customer, the Service Coordinator, Care Coordinator and other team members to help the customer identify goals that they would like to improve on. Examples of goals could be:
  • Riding the bus independently
  • Greeting others appropriately
  • Learning to grocery shop within a budget
  • Crossing the street safely

Each customer has a completely different list of goals they are working towards depending on their current abilities and interests. Progress towards the goals is continually monitored and goals are adapted when the customer has achieved the goal, when strategies aren’t working or when the customer’s interests have changed.

Presence v. Participation

We believe there is a difference between community participation and community presence. Presence is being in the community but not necessarily participating in a group, club, or organization. We encourage our customers to be active members of their community and to contribute in a way that interests them.

At Community Connections we strive to provide services that appear invisible to the community. You won’t find our direct care workers wearing uniforms or driving vehicles with the agency logo. We want our services to be natural and seamless, letting the customer be comfortable with the support being provided.