Achieve your life goals and remain in the community of your choice

We assist people with developmental disabilities, adults with physical disabilities, and seniors. All of our services are individualized and designed by the customer, family and our service coordinators with the goal of meeting specific individual needs.

Planning and Providing Services

Our service coordinators partner with each customer, their family or guardian, and other community team members to develop a plan based on the needs of each person. The scope of the planned services depends on the funding level approved by the state.

For individuals with developmental disabilities the plan yields specific goals designed to assist each customer in achieving greater independence, community belonging, and a satisfying life. Plan goals define the supports and skills needed to accomplish their life goals.

Services to help customers achieve their planned goals take many forms. We provide one-on-one direct care staff to work with customers in community settings, at home or at a job site. Service coordinators work in partnership with customers and other team members to continually monitor progress towards goals. Strategies are modified when they aren’t working or when the customer’s goals and interests change.