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Chore Services

Chore services are designed for those individuals who cannot functionally maintain a clean, safe, or healthy living environment independently. Chore services can include assistance with cleaning, cooking, running errands, and other tasks to help the individual stay living in the environment of their choice.


Respite services are available if the individual is living with an unpaid primary caregiver and are designed to give the primary caregiver a break to attend to their own personal needs.

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Eligibility / Private Pay

To determine eligibility, a nurse assessor from the State of Alaska will do a one-on-one visit with the individual to determine their approved service allotment based on their physical abilities and functionality.

These services can also be provided through a private pay agreement with Community Connections, in which case an assessment to determine eligibility is not necessary.

Please contact us for more information and for assistance with applying for this service.