Thank you for your interest in Children’s Mental Health Services. All of our services require an initial meeting with a Master’s level Therapist and Service Coordinator to complete an intake and behavioral health assessment. During this assessment a family shares some of their history, what is happening now and what difficulties they are facing. The team of a Therapist and Service Coordinator will work with a family to identify what services are likely to be most helpful. This assessment must be done prior to the child enrolling in and receiving services. The following is an overview of how to set up this initial meeting.
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Clinical services

Clinical and Community Based Services

You’ll need to complete our Request for Services Form. You can also call our offices and complete the form over the phone, or pick up a paper copy.

Once complete, the information will be reviewed by clinical staff. During the last year we have had longer wait times due to many families asking for our services. We will discuss wait times with you in an initial phone call. Please complete the forms to the best of your ability; we rely on the information in order to contact you. If you would like help completing the forms, call Community Connections and ask to speak with a Service Coordinator in Children’s Mental Health.

Therapeutic Foster Care Services

Children are often referred to Therapeutic Foster Care Services through the Office of Children’s Services or the Department of Juvenile Justice. In Alaska, parents may also voluntarily place a child in a Therapeutic Foster Care home. This often supports a child and family in accessing a residential level of care without leaving their home community.

In order for a child or youth to be transitioned into one of our Therapeutic Foster Care Homes, a screening process must be done to determine the level of care needed. If the child is likely to benefit from Community Connections’ services, the child is then matched to one of our foster care providers, therapists and service coordinator to begin the transition.

Contact us to ask about availability of placements or if you have any questions about the process.

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