Contribute to the Community Connections endowment fund and leave your legacy today.

We are part of a community where people with disabilities can keep their jobs, live comfortably in their own homes, and work on their life goals. Let's keep it that way.


As Alaskans, you’re probably familiar with the state Permanent Fund. Think of our endowment fund as a smaller version of that.

We are partnering with the Alaska Community Foundation. They will invest the money for us, and whatever earnings we get from that, we can put back into our programs. The fund is expected to give us $40-50k per year.

The initial contribution is left to grow in perpetuity, and only the interest is available to be spent each year by Community Connections.

We are part of a community where people with disabilities can keep their jobs, live comfortably in their own homes, and work on their life goals. We want to keep it that way. This fund will help ensure a stable and sustainable future for the people we serve, including children, adults with disabilities, and seniors. 

For now, the goal is to enhance our services and fill in the gaps for programs that have experienced state cuts. In the future, as our fund grows, we may have the opportunity to self-fund some of our services.

We’ve saved up, little by little, year by year, to set aside for the future. For years to come, people in our community will continue to need support services in their own homes. We want to be there for them – we’re in it for the long run.

The Board of Directors will decide whether the annual earnings are reinvested in the fund, or used to support Community Connections’ programs that year. This year, because of state funding cuts, the earnings will go to support people with developmental disabilities.

The Alaska Community Foundation manages our endowment fund. Donate online today at

Write checks out to Alaska Community Foundation and write “Community Connections Endowment Fund” in the memo. Mail directly to the Alaska Community Foundation (3201 C Street, Suite 110 Anchorage, AK 99503), or bring to one of the Community Connections offices, where we can get it sent off for you.

Other Gifts
Contact Bess Clark at (907) 225-7825

Thank you for contributing. You are ensuring that people with developmental disabilities, children with mental health challenges, and seniors with physical disabilities will be able to stay in their home communities for years to come.

Legacy Donors

Thank you to everyone who contributed this past year!

  • Alonso Escalante
  • Angela and Brien Salazar
  • Anne and Duncan Chalk
  • Arthur and Sharon Wilson
  • Audrey and John Gilbert
  • Barbara Bigelow and Richard Smith
  • Barbara Mestas
  • Barbara Stanley
  • Bess and Clarence Clark
  • Bett and Jim Jakubek
  • Betty and Doug McLaughlin
  • Bob and Lynda Adams
  • Brynn Bolling and Kevin Castle
  • Corey Goheen
  • Dale and June Robbins
  • Dave and Rebecca Valentine
  • Diane Gubatayao
  • Dick and Margot Miller
  • Doris and Douglas Vig
  • Elaine and Mal Menzies
  • Erin Jakubek
  • Frances Young
  • Gary and Jean Emard
  • Hazel and Paul Fisher
  • Ian and Clarence Clark
  • James and Bill Montiver
  • Janet and John Engle
  • Jodi Jakubek
  • Jesse Yarbrough
  • Kara Varberg
  • Kathleen Ford
  • Leroy and Marilyn Layton
  • Linda and Fritz Peters
  • Lodi Credito
  • Lori and Paul Kinzer
  • Marcela Credito
  • Margaret and Tore Lynne
  • Margaret Custer
  • Marlene Scanlon
  • Marna and Mike Cessnun
  • Martha Bryan
  • Mary and Terry Wanzer
  • Max Mercer
  • Michelle O’Brien
  • Milbia Fuller
  • Nancy Elkins
  • Pamala Penrose
  • Pat Leary
  • Ralph and Edith Mackie
  • Roxanne Abajian and Gregg Poppen
  • Sheila McDonough
  • Sheri and Steve
  • Theresa and Terry Mackey
  • Alaska Liquor Store
  • Alaska Pest Management
  • Burnette’s Construction
  • Craig Bar & Liquor
  • Elgee Rehfeld, LLC
  • Engle Enterprises LLC
  • First Bank
  • Full Circle Media Arts
  • Keene & Currall
  • The Landing
  • Madison Lumber & Hardware
  • Scanlon Gallery