We recently created a fund to help ensure a stable and sustainable future for the people we serve, including children, adults with disabilities, and seniors. We’ve saved up, little by little, year by year, to set aside for the future.

We’re excited for this opportunity to self-fund some of our services. We still rely heavily on state support, of course. This endowment will only provide for a small portion of our services. The goal is to enhance our services, and fill in the gaps for programs that have experienced state cuts.

Bess Clark, Executive Director

How does an endowment fund work?

Community Connections has saved up over the years, and just recently deposited $1M into a fund with the Alaska Community Foundation. ACF will invest the money, which is expected to generate $40k to $50k every year. Those returns can either be reinvested in the fund, or used to support Community Connections’ programs that year.

As Alaskans, you’re probably familiar with the state Permanent Fund. Think of our endowment fund as a smaller version of that. The initial contribution is left to grow in perpetuity, and only the interest is available to be spent each year by Community Connections.


Endowment fund

Leave a Legacy

Visit our fund at alaskacf.org to donate by credit card.

Write checks out to Alaska Community Foundation and write “Community Connections Endowment Fund” in the memo. Mail directly to the Alaska Community Foundation (3201 C Street, Suite 110 Anchorage, AK 99503), or bring to one of the Community Connections offices, where we can get it sent off for you.

Other Gifts
Contact Bess Clark at (907) 225-7825

Become a Legacy Donor

Everyone who contributes to the fund within the first year (March 1st 2019 to March 1st 2020) will become one of our Legacy Donors.

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