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How It Works

These services are designed to assist children, adolescents and youth who have serious difficulty in adjusting or functioning in school or community settings. Youth are supported by Support Specialists who implement positive interventions and teaching skills to help them function successfully in both individual and group settings. This service is in conjunction with clinical services and all recipients work with a Master’s level therapist to monitor their well-being and make adjustments to interventions as needed.

Support Specialists generally use teaching, coaching, encouraging and counseling to support skill development. Often fun activities are utilized to address the goals and new skills that have been identified by treatment teams. The Support Specialists assist children with problem solving, conflict resolution, time management, peer interactions communication and building self-esteem.

When & Where

Community Based Services may take place a few or many hours a week, depending upon the needs of the child and family.

During the school day, the Support Specialists are matched with children in the classroom setting. In school the children follow the standard school curriculum and schedule and the Support Specialist is there as a coach, support and encourager to address the behavioral goals identified by the treatment team. When children participate in these services outside of the school day a Support Specialist organizes either a group, individual or family activity to work on skills identified by treatment teams.

Our main offices have play rooms, art rooms, teen room and kitchen to do a variety of activities in a private setting. Activities may also occur in public libraries, at community events and in public settings. In the summer and on nice days throughout the year, Support Specialists will organize outdoor activities such as going to the beach, berry picking, fishing, hiking, bike riding etc. All services can be in group settings or individual depending on the needs of the child. Our Community Based Services operate year round.


"Invisible" Services

At Community Connections we strive to provide services that appear invisible to the community. You won’t find our direct care workers wearing uniforms or driving vehicles with the agency logo. We want our services to be natural and seamless, letting the customer be comfortable with the support being provided.

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