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Yes, Your Child Is Smart

A developmental delay does not mean your child has lower intelligence.

There are times when parents are told of a possible delay in their child’s development and a parent responds with:

“But my child is really smart. She/he can _________.”

We believe you when you tell us this. Why?

Because a developmental delay does not mean that child has lower intelligence. Children can have a delay in one or more developmental areas and be of average or above average intelligence.

Entering the early learning program does not mean your child has a lower IQ. Entering the early learning program means you are wanting some extra support and strategies in helping your child reach his/her fullest potential in this life.

** A short but important newsletter on a question we often get from parents. 

At the Community Connections Early Learning Program, we provide a wide range of services, in partnership with families and the community to support the development of young children age birth to 3 years.

Our array of services include: Infant Massage, Parenting, Developmental Screenings, Developmental Evaluations, Vision and Hearing Screenings, Developmental therapy, Speech therapy, Motor therapy, Playgroups, and Home visiting.

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