Stellar Staff May – Vanette

Vanette grew up in Brookings, Oregon and moved to Prince of Wales when she was 26. Vanette has been working for CMH since February 26, 2010, but prior to that she worked with us in SDS from 2003-2005.

The part of her job she enjoys the most is working with the children, because it is so fascinating. She loves how open and honest kids are. Vanette enjoys giving kids the support and encouragement they need; from someone they can trust. The biggest challenge she sometimes faces can be keeping communication open with the families she works with, but she strives to keep everyone on the same page.

During her free time, Vanette loves to work in her yard and spend time with her family and grandkids. Her supervisor says, “Vanette has been an excellent SSII, SSIII and now a Service Coordinator. She exemplifies the Core Values of Community Connections every day in her work. She has made connections with the Thorne Bay School to get services started again in the school, and she meets families where they are. Vanette is always growing and believes in teamwork.” The CMH

Program Director says, “Vanette brings such a calm joy to the group room in Thorne Bay. Her comfort with the children and their therapeutic goals is demonstrated by the thoughtful and engaging activities she has prepared for the children in services. She has a ‘can do’ attitude and is always ready to help with a smile. Vanette has shown a genuine willingness to grow, as shown by her commitment to being proficient in the Electronic Health Records system. Knowing this new adventure would have challenges, Vanette has remained cheerful and sought mentorship. She has been a great role model for other staff in her ability to adjust to these difficult changes and to remain steadfast for the children and families we serve.”


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