Blair family

A Rewarding Adventure

The Blairs opened their home to foster care, and hope to continue.

Max and Tara Blair are two of our therapeutic foster parents. They give support to families on and off the island, while providing a safe and loving home for children reconnecting with their loved ones.

They have lived on Prince of Wales Island for 20+ years, raised three children here and love the area. After working 7 years in Children’s Mental Health with Community Connections, they decided to open their home to foster care. “It has been a rewarding and challenging adventure and one we hope to continue,” says Tara.

We’re featuring three of our therapeutic foster families this month. Read the other stories here (Garcias) and here (Webers).

If you or someone you know is interested in fostering, call Corey Goheen at (907) 826-3891.

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