Lynda and Nancy

The Adams (Respite Services)

A little extra help can make a big difference.

Big thanks to Bob and Lynda Adams, for sharing their story! They are longtime Ketchikan community members and we’re so glad to be able to support them.

A little extra help can make a big difference. Learn more about how to get started with respite care here.


Bob: Been here most of my life in Ketchikan. Lynda came up as an 11 year old, her dad started logging here when they built the pulp mill. She was very involved in community wide efforts.

A few years ago, Lynda was diagnosed with a type of dementia. Bob started taking care of Lynda but needed some extra help.

Bob: My kids prompted me to get some extra help, which was smart. We got kind of a little schedule going to have someone come and help for a couple hours a day. They just take Lynda out. They have lunch and go shopping and walking and exercise and spend the day out. Which gives me time to take care of the house and take care of the groceries and other chores we have around the community. It’s a little bit of a struggle for us as a couple. It works out real well, to have that relief, it makes it so that we can continue being together.

Extra help ensures that family members don’t get worn out. This way, Lynda can continue to be a part of the community.

Bob: She seems to enjoy the time with them. But again, couldn’t be happier with Nancy and Amy that help us. It’s well worth checking into to determine how much relief and support you can get, how much you can get. It’s irreplaceable. It’s like gold.

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