What’s Cooking Today?

Tina is able to cook her own meals with the help of community-based services.

Follow along with Tina and Kathleen to find out what’s cookin’!

Tina was one of our first clients, and has received support from Community Connections for over 30 years. Once a week she works with a support staff to cook a meal.



Tina is one of our clients. She experiences a developmental disability.

Tina is working with support staff Kathleen to learn cooking skills.

Today Tina is cooking roast beef and mashed potatoes. Usually she makes chicken and fried rice.

Tina and her boyfriend George decide what the meal is going to be, then they have leftovers.

It smells good, so it attracts some attention from some of the other staff. Lela and Amy wander into the kitchen and ask if they can eat some. Tina shoos them away.

It takes a couple hours, but the roast beef soon comes out of the oven, and Tina mashes the cooked potatoes.

She finishes up by putting the meal into a bag so she can take it home.


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