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Build Language While Being Active

While we are doing our fishing, gathering and hiking, the summer also provides us with many opportunities to increase our children’s skills.

IT’S SUMMER TIME AGAIN! We all get so busy during this time of year that it’s difficult to remember to slow down a bit to stop and smell the flowers. The great thing about this time of year is while we are doing our fishing, gathering and hiking the summer also provides us with many opportunities to increase our children’s skills, including language skills. Focus on adding some of these simple strategies into your daily routines and your child’s language is sure to continue to blossom.

  • Talk to your child about what you are doing: Discuss the steps, be descriptive, it doesn’t need to be an owner’s manual, but make it a conversation.
  • Narrate what your child is doing: If your child sees you’re showing an interest and paying attention it makes them feel important and encourages more interactions . This technique also helps build their vocabulary when you use a variety of words and phrases.
  • Point out and label objects in your environment: Many things are out in the summer that you don’t see through-out the year, talk about them! Include many descriptors and concepts like sizes, shapes, and colors. Be sure to include action words, “That goose is flying high!” or, “Look at the otter swimming with her baby!”
  • Most importantly watch your child closely for cues of communication and give plenty of wait time for him or her to respond. Often our busy schedules lead us to miss some of these gifts of opportunity.
  • No matter the strategy you are using have some fun with your child this summer!

At the Community Connections Early Learning Program, we provide a wide range of services, in partnership with families and the community to support the development of young children age birth to 3 years.

Our array of services include: Infant Massage, Parenting, Developmental Screenings, Developmental Evaluations, Vision and Hearing Screenings, Developmental therapy, Speech therapy, Motor therapy, Playgroups, and Home visiting.

Photo by Dave Salter from Burst

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