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Five ways to strengthen a family

The Strengthening Families approach (based on research for family resiliency) has recognized 5 protective factors in supporting families. These 5 factors are listed below. When a family is in need, use the protective factors for ways to support a path to success.

1. Parent Resilience:

Learning to handle stress, seeking support in creative problem solving, and keeping a positive attitude will help parents to better cope with problems.


2. Knowledge of parenting & child development:

Take a class, read some books/articles, talk to parents whose parenting skills you admire. The more you know about appropriate age expectations, the more you build positive relationships with your kids.


3. Social and Emotional Competence of Children:

Support your children to name and handle all emotions, model how to appropriately deal with all feelings.


4. Social Connections:

Make friends and ask for help when needed. Join social groups and enjoy time together. Isolation can lead to abuse and neglect. Stay involved with people you admire and find fun to be around.


5. Concrete support in times of need:

Support needs to be in place when families are struggling. Parents needs to be able to reach out to caring individuals and organizations when troubles are overwhelming. It is not about judgement but about helping.

Early Learning Program

At the Community Connections Early Learning Program, we provide a wide range of services, in partnership with families and the community to support the development of young children age birth to 3 years.

Our array of services include: Infant Massage, Parenting, Developmental Screenings, Developmental Evaluations, Vision and Hearing Screenings, Developmental therapy, Speech therapy, Motor therapy, Playgroups, and Home visiting.

Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels

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