Keys for a fun picnic

Enjoying the Southeast summer sun

Summer is fast approaching, the sun will come out, and the weather is warm. What better way to get out and enjoy the weather than with a family picnic? A picnic with toddlers and infants may sound a little overwhelming, but following a few steps can make it more enjoyable for the whole family.

1) Choosing a Spot:

This is a great way to involve the whole family in making a decision! Allow each person to give input on his/her favorite spot and choose as a family. Or, make it a game! Write down a few favorite spots on pieces of paper and allow your child to choose one from a hat!

2) Packing the food:

Healthy choices are important for any meal time, and a picnic is no different. Modeling healthy eating habits allows your kids to develop them as well. Fresh fruits, veggies, and meats are healthy options for a picnic. Letting your kids help pack up the food is a great way to have them get involved. Make sure to include lots of liquids!

TIP: Instead of asking ‘what would you like to eat on the picnic?” give your child 2 or 3 healthy choices and allow them to choose from those. This can help minimize meltdowns or unhealthy choices in food.

3) Have Fun!

Remembering to pack books and other enjoyable toys such as pails and shovels for your kids. This will help make the picnic more enjoyable. Allowing your kids to walk, and climb and run around is great exercise and will help with motor skills.

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