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Safety During Coronavirus

We are committed to the safety of our staff and the people we serve. Here are the precautions we're taking.

Community Connections is dedicated to keeping the individuals that we serve and our staff safe during ongoing coronavirus concerns. We are implementing many precautions, including the following:

  • We are limiting our in-person services to the most essential, and have modified services to maintain social distance where we can (i.e. increased telehealth, dropping off groceries and supplies to elders, sending educational kits through the mail.)
  • We have limited the number of employees in our offices at one time and have employees working from home when possible. We ask that everyone else please call our office instead of coming in person. (225-7825 in Ketchikan, and 826-3891 in Craig)
  • We have increased flexibility in our paid leave policy in order to support employees to stay home if they exhibit any symptoms of being ill, no matter how minor. We are supportive of employees who have decided to self-isolate because of personal health concerns (immune-compromised, etc.)
  • If an employee or anyone in their household has been traveling the employee is required to self-isolate for 14 days before coming back in to work.
  • We are doing trainings regarding best practices for hand washing and have increased disinfecting of all of our facilities.
  • New individuals and families seeking services will be put on a waitlist unless they are in crisis and require immediate intervention.

Though we serve many families in Ketchikan and on Prince of Wales, our services are all individualized, and always have been. This means that we work with one person at a time to make sure their needs are met. We do provide some group services, but are limiting those at this time.

Many of the families we serve have chosen on their own to limit services. For those with highest need (e.g. who don’t have family members in town to help, or who live in one of our residential apartments), we are continuing to provide support services. Our therapists and service coordinators are calling and checking in every day with those we serve.

We will be offering delivery “curbside” services to seniors who aren’t able to leave their home or don’t have family or friends in town to help. We can shop for groceries or pick up medications and drop them off at the senior’s house or apartment. Seniors can call our office if they need this additional help.

We encourage you to utilize our Facebook page for future updates from Community Connections. We hope to support everyone as best we can during this difficult situation.


The Borough’s website has resources and information on steps being taken locally to address the emergency.

Watch the videos below for pro tips on how to reduce the spread of germs.

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