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Employee Survey Results

What we found: our employees feel their work is important, and they get to use their greatest strengths in their work every day.

Thank you one and all for participating in this year’s employee survey.  As our Core Values state, we continually strive for excellence and continuous improvement and this survey is an important piece to assess our strengths and areas to improve. The highest number of employees ever (88%) participated in this year’s survey.

We are pleased that 88% of employees reported that you are satisfied overall with your experience working at Community Connections over the past year. In addition, the survey highlighted the following:

Agency strengths: The vast majority of employees report understanding the mission and purpose of Community Connections and feel that it is one of the reasons your work is important. In addition, a large percentage of employees report that they are able to use their greatest strengths in their work every day. This was an area that improved noticeably since the last survey. To complement that area, many of you also reported that doing quality work is important to your coworkers. This paints a picture of a team working together with purpose toward a meaningful common goal: providing quality supports to the people we serve.

Areas to improve: The theme amongst the areas with the lowest satisfaction ratings have to do with receiving regular recognition and feedback regarding progress and quality work. This is an area that has been a consistent challenge for Community Connections. The senior management team is committed to finding better and more consistent ways to make sure your hard work is noticed and appreciated. The information you provided through the survey will be incorporated into the goals and action steps of our strategic plan. 

Please feel free to contact Bess Clark if you have any further questions regarding the staff survey. Again, thank you so much for contributing to this important process.

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