It’s Been A Long Road

We are super excited to share that Jennifer was granted her own guardianship last week – that means she can make decisions for herself about her own care.

It’s been a long road. For 16 years I was ward of the state, because I was a minor.

At the age of 32 years old, with the help of Janalee Gage and Stephanie Lively, I was able to get my own guardianship. I’ve been planning this for a while. They will help me with finances. I get to make my own choices.

I was in tears when the judge granted me my own guardianship.

I’m still in shock, it hasn’t sinked in. 

The judge had never seen anything quite like that in his ten years of being a judge. (His words).

So God does really answer prayers. I don’t let my disability stop me. 

Jennifer receives support through our Developmental Disabilities program.

Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer has published a book called Little Raven Tales, and competed in Miss Wheelchair Alaska in 2015.

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