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Where the Socks Went This Year

By supporting the sock drive, you support your community.

“What about these?” Brynn held up a pair of boots.

“No.” the kid said matter-of-factly.

“How about these ones? They look just like Spiderman boots!”

“Ok,” he relented.

Brynn (one of our Early Learning Program staff) was taking a family on Prince of Wales Island to The Clothes Co. to get new coats and boots. “I had to be a salesperson for this kid!” she says jokingly. The family was very happy to get the coats and boots.

Jan (also an ELP staff) gave socks, hats and cookies to a family when they came into the office one day.

“They needed something positive on that day, and the socks, hats, and scarf were one less thing the mom had to buy for her kids to put under the tree.”

As for the cookies…. “These are staying with me,” said the mom.

Clients and community members alike look forward to the drive every year. “Are you doing your cookies this year?” they ask. And, “when are we starting it? We should start it earlier!”

Tina and her boyfriend George receive socks every year – this year she got a pair with blue stripes, and George got black socks. In the past, she’s helped bake cookies too, but this year she let other folks bake, saying “we got too many people in the kitchen!”

One little girl received a homemade headband. “It’s just perfect! Now she can dress just like her big sister,” the family said.

Some clients on Prince of Wales received compression socks with their care packages. “They were very grateful to get those, because a lot of them can’t afford those kind of socks,” says Tammy (one of our Senior and Disability Services staff).

We were able to collect over 750 pairs of socks, and even have some sandals left over to give to families in spring. Thanks everyone!

Join the fun next year, and become a sponsor.

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