Stellar Staff August – Charlene

Charline Lauth, Part of the CMH team, is the stellar staff for August! Charlene was born and raised in Ketchikan, and knew she wanted to give back to our awesome community by utilizing the skills she really enjoys the most – working with Kids!! She applied and within the first week of working at CC, she knew she really loved it!

Charlene absolutely adores helping families transform challenging behaviors to growth opportunities. Seeing both children and families succeed toward their goals is incredibly rewarding.

The most challenging part of Charlene’s job is finding more ways to share all the potential she knows she can bring to her department with extra training and experience,

In her free time Charlene loves playing video games and learning new hobbies, as well as spending time on other favorite hobbies, drawing, painting and crocheting.

Her supervisor says “Charlene is always upbeat and ready to help out. She has an amazing talent of saying the hard things with her clients while also making them feel respected and valued. She is also one of those people who just makes every person in the room feel special! We really enjoy having her in CMH!”

THANK YOU CHARLENE! for all that you DO!!!

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