Stellar Staff – Jennifer

Thank you Jennifer, for your hard work and dedication to the individuals we serve.

Jennifer works with elders in our Senior & Disability Services program in Ketchikan, helping them with personal care and housekeeping, in their own homes.

Her favorite part is the one-on-one conversations with her clients, and getting to talk with them.

Jennifer moved to Ketchikan from the Philippines in 2002, and first worked at Pioneer Home. She came to Community Connections last November. Some of the customers she works with have dementia and/or physical demands, but Jennifer always has a smile on her face for them.

“She goes out of her way to make sure that the customers’ need are met,” says Sharyl Yeisley, a coordinator in Senior & Disability Services.

In her free time, she goes fishing for salmon and halibut, goes for walks on the beach, and spends time with her family.

We feature staff as part of our monthly Stellar Staff Spotlight. The spotlight rotates between programs (Children’s Mental Health, Early Learning, and Senior & Disability Services), and between Ketchikan and Prince of Wales, with a focus on recognizing direct service staff.

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