Stellar Staff March – Marlane

Marlane started working for Community Connections in July of 2006! That is almost 18 years of dedicated service. She saw an ad in the newspaper, applied and started working almost immediately!
Marlane loves providing a safe environment for her clients at DMA and finding new ways to get them smiling. She says that working at Community Connections has helped her to grow as a person and has contributed to her understanding of English. When she is challenged because her clients are struggling, she doesn’t give up, but keeps trying and finds different ways to support them.
Marlane was born and raised in the Philippines and plans to retire there – but she hopes to first fulfill her dream of spending some time in Hawaii.
In the meantime, she has fun listening to music, dancing, cleaning and eating. She also likes to pray for everyone and makes it a point to check in with her family, especially her mom. Her supervisor and co-workers say that Marlane always comes to work with a smile on her face, ready to give her all to the clients she serves at DMA are well as the staff members. She is always looking to learn, not just for her own self-growth but to help improve her role as a service provider.
Thank you, Marlane, for the years of service you’ve provided to the customers we serve!

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