Stellar Staff November – Melissa

Melissa grew up in Laramie, Wyoming and has since lived in Oregon, Florida, Washington and now Alaska, moving here with her family in July of2014. She heard about Community Connections from a few acquaintances and after applying, was hired on May 14, 2015 as a Support Specialist in the SDS Program.

Exactly three years later, on May 14, 2018, Melissa accepted a full-time position in the Admin department as an Accounting Associate. Currently, she is the AR Systems Coordinator – working with the billing team to make sure we have clean data going out in order to receive payments in full, receive less claim denials and have squeaky-clean audits. Melissa loves the collaborative, supportive camaraderie of the entire finance team.

Melissa appreciates maintaining connections to our clients and support staff – they really brighten her day. Working for an agency with a meaningful mission and core values is important to her.

The biggest challenge of her current position is TPL – (Third Party Liability) claims – this entails keeping in communication with Medicaid claim processors, our Insurance Desk, reviewing outstanding claims, keeping and utilizing spreadsheets, supporting documentation and seeking additional training(s).

When Melissa isn’t busy chasing claims for us, she is out on the family boat slaying Halibut and whatever else comes along. She also enjoys traveling, riding on the back of Harleys with her husband, spending time with friends, family & her children, including Piper, a 15 lb mixed breed dog. She is keen on living near the water, and having a beautiful water view, with mountains nearby.

According to Melissa’s supervisor, she works some of the most complex and highly technical components of AR. Her behind the scenes expertise helps keep the AR/billing team on track. She is very dedicated to each individual member of the team and the entire agency. She has recently taken on a lead role in configuring the billing component of the EHR, which is a huge undertaking. She is a well-respected and an integral part of the finance team. We are very fortunate to have her!

FUN FACTS: Melissa was the Special Olympics Powerlifting Coach here for 4 years!

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