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Stellar Staff – Tim

Thanks Tim for all that you do!

Tim moved to Prince of Wales in 2011, and currently lives in Kasaan. A neighbor of his worked with Community Connections, and so he heard about our person-centered mission.

“It sounded like something I wanted to get involved in,” he said. “Being a positive role model, being a positive influence.” He works with children in Craig, and plans hands-on activities for the kids to do. The town closes off a road for sledding during the winter, so that’s been a big hit with the kids.

He says his favorite part of the job is seeing the kids make progress, and just being available to help with their needs throughout the day. On the flip side, trying to coordinate schedules with families, schools, and other organizations can be a challenge sometimes.

“When he works with clients, his calm, peaceful demeanor is contagious,” says Patty Gauthier, a Children’s Mental Health service coordinator in Craig. “He is a fluent and clear communicator, and is reliable and dependable.”

When not working at Community Connections, Tim spends time with his family: his wife and 9-month-old daughter. They go for family walks and enjoy harvesting all sorts of local mushrooms, berries, and plants.

We feature staff as part of our monthly Stellar Staff Spotlight. The spotlight rotates between programs (Children’s Mental Health, Early Learning, and Senior & Disability Services), and between Ketchikan and Prince of Wales, with a focus on recognizing direct service staff.

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