Stellar Staff – Whitney

Whitney loves numbers!

Stellar Staff for August is Whitney Kerr!

Whitney lives on Prince of Wales island and heard about Community Connections a few years ago. She started out working directly with kids, as a support specialist.

“They look at everything in such a positive light,” she said.

Now Whitney works as a billing coordinator in the Children’s Mental Health program.

“I love the numbers, and finding ways to provide services to those who can’t afford them.”

One of the challenges is having to say no to a family if someone has exceeded their funding. But overall, she says the team works really well to provide services to as many people as possible.

In her free time, Whitney goes fishing with her husband, studies for her Bachelor’s in Multidisciplinary Studies & Business, and spends time with her two young kids.

Great job Whitney! Glad to have you on our team.

We feature staff as part of our monthly Stellar Staff Spotlight. The spotlight rotates between programs (Children’s Mental Health, Early Learning, and Senior & Disability Services), and between Ketchikan and Prince of Wales, with a focus on recognizing direct service staff.

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