Bess Clark presents Alonso Escalante with the ceremonial Boot.

Thank you, Alonso!

When one of our board members says goodbye, we like to thank them for their service with our own special tradition: giving them The Boot!

Alonso Escalante served on our Board of Directors from 2014 until the end of our annual business meeting on March 25. He filled the role of board president for the past three years.

The boot presented to Alonso by Executive Director Bess Clark, and crafted by Records Retention Associate Natasha VanDusen, is a treasure trove of symbolism:

Alonso and his son are in the Presidential Boat Club with three fishing poles for his three years as board president; 35 tress for 35 years of Community Connections; seven birds for his seven years on the board; and our Core Values and mission statement written along, respectively the top and the spine.

Thank you, Alonso, for all you’ve done and for all you will do!

The Boot.

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