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Community Connections Donation Panel

You can make a donation to Community Connections by clicking one of the options below.
Each button will open a window that takes you to Paypal and allow you to enter your information.
You can just click a specific amount, or you can apply your donation to a specific department or fund, such as the Holiday Sock Drive.

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General Orientation

Learn about agency history, who we are and what we do, the organizational structure, our mission, the core values, culture, confidentiality, required reporting, and incident reporting.

New employees of Community Connections are required to  attend the agency’s General Orientation, generally happening once every two months, depending on the amount of new hires.

First Aid/CPR for CC Employees  FREE
First Aid/CPR for CC Contractors $30.00
First Aid Only $50.00
CPR Only $50.00
First Aid/CPR Combined $80.00

First Aid / CPR

Community Connections offers classes to our employees, contractors and the public. First Aid and CPR certification is a requirement of most Community Connections job positions. As such, the agency provides certified trainers who conduct American Red Cross First Aid/CPR classes on a monthly basis.

To sign up for a class contact your local Community Connections office.

The Standard : This portal is your online access to the administration of your retirement plan.

All employees

401k: Eligible to make contributions upon hire. After 1 year of service and 1,000 hours, eligible to receive employer match; 100% of the first 6% of an employee’s contribution. You will have a 100% vested and non-forfeitable interest in your account after 5 years of vesting service.

403b: Eligible employees can make elective deferrals upon hire. There is no employer match. You will have a fully vested and non-forfeitable interest in your account immediately.

Contact HR to complete paperwork.

Roth contributions allow you to contribute on an after-tax basis. Elective Deferral contributions allow you to contribute on a pretax basis, before federal income taxes are deducted.